Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

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Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

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Because we take you seriously, we take our food very seriously.

So everything on our menu is made fresh, in-house and with great care. So that what you eat is fresh, tasty and a proud representation of Greek Xpress. And we pride ourselves not only providing great quality in food but marrying these items with reasonable and value oriented pricing.

That is the Greek Xpress way!

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Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

AboutOur Story

Greek Xpress was founded in 2014 by a group of Greek-American friends for one simple reason: we missed the food we ate in Greece. Every summer, our parents took us to visit our homeland, where we learned about our heritage and satisfied our growing appetites. We instantly fell in love with the food—from gyros and pitas to souvlaki and baklava—we couldn’t get enough. And when we came back home to America, there just wasn’t anything that could compare. We created Greek Xpress to share that food with you.

We do this using the best ingredients imported from Greece—extra virgin olive oil, olives, feta, yogurt, and more. If we can’t get it from Greece, we only use the very best fresh and select produce, meat, and seafood that we can find. In the hands of our talented executive cook team, those ingredients turn into a complete Greek menu to satisfy all appetites. It’s our mission to provide not only delicious and authentic, yet healthy and budget conscious meals to our guests at all of our locations. That means the best product prepared with love and care, whether you dine out or order in. One bite and you’ll feel like you’re in Greece.

Kali Orexi!

Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

DiscoverWhy Greek Xpress

The spirit of Greek Xpress lies in this simple theme : FRESH. GREEK. DELICIOUS.

So, yes, everything and we mean everything in Greek Xpress starts with FRESHNESS.

Here are some FRESH facts:

VEGETABLES:   All produce are bought daily from the NY’s Hunts Point Market and Long Island Small Family Farms. There we have access to vegetables brought in from 55 countries and 49 states. Only select or organic produce is purchased and brought to our restaurants so that our salads have an amazing base of excellence!

MEATS:   All meats acquired are only from world recognized brands and only of premium and organic quality. Period. Next, all meats are cleaned, marinated and skewered by Greek Xpress Chefs on a daily basis. In addition, our strict company philosophy on the handling and marinations of our meats complete the lifecycle of freshness that we bring to our meat dishes!

It is no secret we are in love with GREEK. After all, it’s in our name. The Greek and Mediterranean diet is well known for all its amazing health benefits. But those benefits are only realized if you get real GREEK products….

Here are some GREEK facts:

IMPORTED GREEK:   At Greek Xpress, we bring in tons of kilos of imported products from Greece throughout the year. Greek Yogurt, Greek Figs, Greek Feta Cheese, Greek Olives and Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete are the highlights. And if you want a reminder on the difference, order a Greek Salad with Olive Oil and some Tzatziki from a Diner or another Greek Restaurant and compare the difference!

GREEK RECIPES:   All items served at Greek Xpress are made with passion and with secret Greek Xpress branded recipes. Over 96% of items served at our restaurants are made in-house from scratch on a daily basis with a strict following of our Greek recipes passed down by our generations of family. The remaining 4% are items made with our preferred blends and recipes from a well known vendor who partners with us to ensure continuous consistency in our offerings. There are no shortcuts, only great products prepared with GREEK love! Food that isn’t DELICIOUS should not be consumed. But for the outcome to be delicious, much effort and care must be continuously present.

Here are some DELICIOUS facts:

TZATZIKI:   The process at Greek Xpress to make our DELICIOUS tzatziki is frankly legendary. Yes it all starts with great products such as high quality Greek Yogurt, Fresh Cucumbers and Extra Virgin Olive Oil but the process should not be underestimated. Here at Greek Xpress, we use expensive wine presses to ensure our fresh cucumbers are drained as best as possible. Then the magic happens. In fact it happens to the tune of over 50,000 pounds of homemade Tzatziki sold per year!

SOUVLAKI STICKS:   If you ever had the pleasure of visiting Greece, you certainly have had the experience of eating a great Souvlaki on a stick. At Greek Xpress, our Souvlaki Sticks are a favorite on our menu not only because of the high quality, but also because it literally reminds you of Greece! Professional Souvlaki Machines from Greece are used here at Greek Xpress to give you perfect sized Souvlaki sticks that are just…..well, DELICIOUS!

So as a great Greek Philosopher would say, “Why Greek Xpress?”……..”Because…..FRESH. GREEK. DELICIOUS. is the only way”!

Fresh. Greek. Delicious.

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